How to Practice Proper DIY Headlight Restoration for Your Car

Most of the older cars on the road today have a major problem, and it’s their awful yellow headlights! Most cars age and display some issues, but older cars tend to have issues with their age showing with layers of filth from years of driving. Not only do they trap dirt and grime, but these headlights can easily fade to a yellow color.

If you’re on the hunt for a quick solution to your vehicle’s yellow or faded headlights, then why not try some toothpaste? There are actual chemical properties in toothpaste that make it a great cleaning agent for headlights. You can use it with a rag to wipe away the exterior grime of the headlight. If that is not doing the job, you can consider insect repellent as well. Be more careful with the bug spray though, as the chemicals inside of it can have a negative impact on the quality of the paint surrounding your headlights.

If you want to get your headlights cleaned by a professional or if you can't clean the headlights due to something more serious, such as heat damage, then it might be best to just replace them in our service center. You can talk to the mechanics here at Specialty Auto Sales & Service for the perfect rate today!

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