Understanding the Function of a Vehicle's Gaskets

Car engines are full of rapidly moving parts and hot fluids held under extremely high pressures. If any of these fluids were to escape or become contaminated, it can cause major damage to your vehicle's engine and other parts. Preventing that from happening is a simple but important part known as a gasket.

A gasket is essentially a thin piece of material, generally multi-layered steel, that is placed between different engine components to create a liquid-tight barrier. The gasket should completely seal off the fluid from being able to escape, and even a minor hole or a bit of damage could cause major problems for your vehicle. While regular maintenance like oil changes or coolant flushes can help prolong a gaskets life, eventually they will fail and need to be replaced.

If you suspect that a gasket may be failing on your vehicle contact us today at Specialty Auto Sales & Service. Our excellent service technicians can diagnose anything that may be wrong with your vehicle.



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