Keeping Your Vehicle Clean and Pristine

If you're like many car owners, you want to keep your vehicle clean but don't have a lot of time to spend on the details. Unless there is a lot of mud or dust on your car, then you usually won't need to use a lot of tools to clean the exterior.

Rinse your car until the exterior is wet. Apply a small amount of paint lubricant on a microfiber cloth. Use the cloth on the vehicle until you notice that the cloth is dirty. 

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Pack Your Bags: Taking a Budget-friendly Summer Road Trip

The summer is the perfect time to hop in your car and take a road trip, but don't worry if money is tight and you can't spend much. There are plenty of ways that you can take a road trip on a budget and have an adventure you'll always remember.

Start by determining places you'd really like to visit, how much you can afford to spend, how many days you can travel, and how far you're willing to drive, then go from there and plan in advance. Look into if you have any hotel rewards…

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Use These Tips for Traveling With a Roof Rack

Roof racks are a useful solution when you have more stuff than space. A camping trip or cross-country road trip involves hauling a lot of gear, and the roof rack adds space. Be sure to lock up the roof rack when traveling in order to prevent thieves from taking off with your stuff.

If you are taking a canoe or kayak with you, get the right tie-downs and ropes for securing the front and back ends of the item. The canoe or kayak needs to be secured at the front, back and middle in order to prevent the wind from…

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Here is Why You Should Consider Buying a New Truck

Our team at Specialty Auto Sales & Service wanted to help make buyers aware to some of the benefits of owning a new truck this year.

The new trucks on the lot today all are packed with safety features you have come to expect in a car. Each passenger is protected inside the cabin by way of an airbag, and the construction of the truck is designed to absorb the majority of the impact in a crash.

Getting your car off-road is near impossible, something you will have little trouble doing in a truck. Tow a camper deep into the woods…

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Car Detailing Tips to Help Protect Your Investment

If you are not detailing your car weekly, you are not getting the maximum value for your investment when the time comes to sell your vehicle. Each day that it remains dirty, more is happening to your car to diminish the value than you could possibly know.

The car might not look that dirty, but weeks and weeks of dirt accumulating on the surface is acting like a mild abrasive when mixed with the rain. The end result, tiny scratches that grow and get deeper if the car is not cleaned properly.

These are many things on the surface of…

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Why You Should Consider Lifting Your Truck

Our crew at Specialty Auto Sales & Service wanted to share with our audience all the reasons to consider getting your truck lifted.

These lift kits will not affect the way the truck rides, but they do allow the driver to add bigger tires. These bigger tires will help the truck make its way off the road, and the lift provides the clearance needed so there will be no rub. The bigger tires have bigger treads, making short work of all those challenging adventures in the woods.

Another reason to consider getting the lift kit if you are taking your truck…

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Understanding the Function of a Vehicle's Gaskets

Car engines are full of rapidly moving parts and hot fluids held under extremely high pressures. If any of these fluids were to escape or become contaminated, it can cause major damage to your vehicle's engine and other parts. Preventing that from happening is a simple but important part known as a gasket.

A gasket is essentially a thin piece of material, generally multi-layered steel, that is placed between different engine components to create a liquid-tight barrier. The gasket should completely seal off the fluid from being able to escape, and even a minor hole or a bit of…

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Why Should You Monitor Your Tire Pressure?

While most motorists know how important their tire tread is, many more are not as aware of the role that tire pressure can play in the overall performance of their ride. Maintaining optimal pressure in each tire is one of the best things you can do for the longevity of your tires, which is why our staff members in Suamico are here to service your tire’s needs.

When your tires don't have enough air in them, then extra friction from the road can heat up the rubber. As a result, this can often weaken them and reducing their…

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How to Practice Proper DIY Headlight Restoration for Your Car

Most of the older cars on the road today have a major problem, and it’s their awful yellow headlights! Most cars age and display some issues, but older cars tend to have issues with their age showing with layers of filth from years of driving. Not only do they trap dirt and grime, but these headlights can easily fade to a yellow color.

If you’re on the hunt for a quick solution to your vehicle’s yellow or faded headlights, then why not try some toothpaste? There are actual chemical properties in toothpaste that make it a great…

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The Safest Way to Check Your Car Battery

Testing your car battery is easy, and all you are going to need is a voltmeter, gloves, safety goggles, and a small wire brush. Be sure the car's lights and engine have been turned off, open the hood, and give the battery terminals a good cleaning with the wire brush.

The voltmeter has a red and black cable. The red cable will be attached securely to the positive end of the car battery, the black goes to the other battery terminal. Test the battery. 

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